The Quick Way To Get Your Android Device Out Of Safe Mode

A lot of people seem to be having issues with their Android devices auto booting into safe mode, normally it should be quite simple to get your device out of safe mode. All you would have to do in a normal world is turn off your phone completely and turn it right back on and you are out of safe mode.

Some people have however reported that the above method does not work for them. The boots up and boots right back into safe mode, which should not be. So we are going to teach you the quickest way to solve this problem and get your Android device out of safe mode.

You simply have to boot up your device as if to put it in safe mode on purpose. To do this you have to first shut down your phone completely and right after you push the power button to turn it back on, immediately hold down the volume down button and let go of the power button. Simple enough? That should get your device out of safe mode.

In a case where your device constantly goes back into safe mode you might want to check if all your button are functioning correctly. Especially the volume buttons, if your device thinks the volume down button is being pressed when it is not then you might want to look into more erratic hardware solutions.

This should be a quick solution to the safe mode problem if you are currently experiencing it. Hope we have been able to help?

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