The Quick Way To Get Unlimited Money In Football Manager Handheld 2014

Football Manager Handheld is the most common alternative to the football manager game on PC. Made by the same people who make the desktop version as well, it is the quickest if not the most reliable way to get football manager on your phones and tablets. The app is not free however, it will set you back about 10USD depending on what market you are buying from. (that price is the iOS standard for about 3 years running)

Since the upgrade to the new user interface in the 2014 version however most managers have discovered the method of getting unlimited transfer wealth they used in previous versions no longer works due to the update UI. We believe cheats generally water down your game play experience but in a case where you are managing a team like Portsmouth that have relegated how many times in the last few seasons? You might need a little bit of a cash boost to save the already bankrupt club.

The feature you require to do this is the “sugar daddy” unlockable. It lets you request money repeatedly through out the season with a bit of a trick and no risks at all. But here is the catch, the sugar daddy feature needs to be unlocked or bought. You can unlock it by being ridiculously successful for 2 straight seasons in the game using any club or you can buy it for a further 10USD and start using it immidiately. (The price is ridiculous ain’t it).

Get unlimited money in football manager handheld 2014

Well, whatever method you choose to use to get it unlocked is entirely up to you, but once you do the feature is set to trigger once every season. What we are going to show you next is how to trigger the feature an infinite number of times within the season or day or week… Depends on how much money you feel you want really.

To put it simply, all you need to do is load up your current career, and proceed to OPTIONS > PREFERENCES > VIEW > UNLOCKABLES > SUGAR DADDY.

Get unlimited money in football manager handheld 2014

That was the quick undetailed explanation that is quite easy to follow. However we will proceed to explain how that works. The sugar daddy unlockable is default set to on so it triggers every season, what you want to do is turn it off, go back to the sugar daddy page and turn it back on again. This in turn will trigger a message in your updates saying “The Chairman Requests Your Advice”. In essence the chairman is asking you if he should take an investment from some billionaire investor. Click yes and you have a ridiculous amount available to you to spend or use to increase your wage budget. If you are done spending your budget and you still don’t have all the players you want you can go back and trigger the unlockable again and get more money… And again … And again… And… You get the idea.

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