The Fastest Way To Learn Any Language From Your Phone For Free

There are many people out in the world who would love to be bilingual, when they see some guy from a gathering glide through multiple languages with ease they get that “wish I could speak like that” feeling. Problem is they don’t know where to start or how to do it without running out of mental real estate.

Very glad to tell you that if you are one of those people, learning languages at a quick pace while assimilating just enough daily is both possible and free. Yeah that’s right, you can learn so many languages for free with just your phone, tablet or your computer.

What is the fastest way to learn any language from your phone you ask? It’s called Duolingo. An application built for web and both Android and iOS users will let you learn languages at an assimilation pace you find comfortable. You will get daily lesson and exercises in both written and spoken versions of any language you choose to learn. You will be thought proper pronunciation and use of tenses and you will not have to pay a single dime.

Languages you can learn include Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese & Turkish. The most beautiful thing about Duolingo has to be the fact that it was not only built for English speakers. There is a section of the sign up process that lets you pick what your start language is you could be Chinese, Polish, Cantonese or any of the other ethnicities looking to learn a foreign language. It is absolutely perfect.

Like with all free things there are limitations however, some languages may be unavailable to certain speakers. For example English speaker currently do not have a course available in Russian. Little little limitations like this do not stop the application or hinder it one bit however. But in a case where Duolingo does not meet your every need or the language you are looking to learn is not in their database we advice you try using Pimsleur.

Like Duolingo, Pimsleur also has free lessons but none like what you will get from using Duolingo. They full course files are usually in audio format and are usually to be paid for. The Pimsleur learning method is quite brilliant too. Subconsciously teaching you bits and pieces of a language without too much effort on your part.

In many cases the fastest way to get the most out of your language learning exercise would be to use Duolingo for a scheduled amount of time daily (you can get targets and schedule alerts daily from the in app feature) and to use audio files from Pimsleur to support your learning process. Combining this two methods helped one of our editors achieve near impeccable Italiano in just 4 weeks. He could speak, he could write and he could flirt (flirting being the holy grail of reasons to learn Italian of course).

You can download the Duolingo app for iOS here and the Android Version here.

You can also visit anytime to sign up and learn or continue your progress the same way you can easily visit These tools are available to you for use, there is no reason why you should keep wishing for fluent French when you can start learning for free right this minute.

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