How To Register For Glo Blackberry Plans

Like all other service providers in Nigeria, you can register for Blackberry data plans on Glo mobile using USSD codes or by sending an SMS to 777. To use the SMS method you will need the SMS keyword for the data plan of your choice and to use the USSD code method you will also need the dedicated USSD code for your preferred plan.

You can check out the list for various Blackberry plans below, plans for older Blackberry phones are at the top while Blackberry 10 plans follow immediately :

Blackberry standard plans

Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity SMS to 777 USSD Code
BES Month 4,200 3GB 30 Days BESmonth *777*6#
Absolute Month 1,500 3GB 30 Days BBA Month *777*23#
Absolute Week 500 700MB 7 Days BBAweek *777*24#
Complete Month 1,000 3GB 30 Days comonth *777*21#
Complete week 400 700MB 7 Days coweek *777*22#
Social Month 1,000 3GB 30 Days somonth *777*9#
Social Week 400 50MB 7 Days soweek *777*8#

Blackberry 10 plans

Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity SMS to 777 USSD Code
Max Month 3,000 1638MB 30 Days maxmonth *777*13#
Max Week 1,050 700MB 7 Days maxweek *777*14#
Mid Month 1,400 550MB 30 Days midmonth *777*15#
Mid Week 550 150MB 7 Days midweek *777*16#
Lite Month 1000 200MB 30 Days litmonth *777*17#
Lite Week 400 50MB 7 Days litweek *777*18#


Simply select the plan you want and you recharge the airtime equivalent of the price. After that you can simply request the plan be activated on your Blackberry using the USSD code or by sending the SMS keyword to 777. Glo Blackberry plan differ for older Blackberry versions and the newer Blackberry 10 versions. Please make sure to refer to the list above and use the code that applies to your phone. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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