The Quick Way To Understand The iPhone 6 plus BendGate

Over the past week, a few iPhone 6 plus users have reported their iPhone 6 plus bending after experiencing long amounts of pressure in there back pockets. What many seem to forget is the fact that the 6 plus is only 6.9 millimeters thin, which basically leaves it with a protruding camera lense.

The phone is also made with aluminium, unlike other flagship phones its size it does not have a magnesium chassis. Which raises the question, If your phones are supposed to be more expensive and trusted for their build quality why did Apple make a phone out of a metal that will bend? Will a slightly thicker iPhone 6 not have been a better idea? Why is it the only phone its size without the magnesium chassis?

In the video below, Marques Brown Lee a “Vlogger” explains the iPhone 6 plus bendgate with a bit more clarity. Helping users better understand the situation and how to better protect their devices.

The hash-tag #BendGate was trending worldwide on every social media outlet for days, Even Samsung threw a little shade with an ad that specifically targeted the iPhone 6 plus with the caption “Bend to those who are worthy” (View ad below)


The Samsung Bend Gate Ad

It is not necessarily as disturbing as most make it out to be as we all know the iPhone 6 plus is not the first device to bend. You can view the video above for a detailed look at BendGate and what it actually means. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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