The Quick Way To Eat Less Food

This is most especially useful for people who are trying to diet or lose weight but just can not help themselves when there is a box of takeout in front of them. Are you trying to learn how you can reduce your food consumption? Do you want to reduce your food intake quota while tricking your mind to think you are actually eating a whole lot? So you want to eat less food?

Method 1: Water

Quite simply put, water is the solution to all your problems, All that you need to do is drink a full glass of water before every meal, this is about half a regular bottle of water. The idea here is the water fills you up to an extent leaving little room for more food.

If you really mean business and you want to go at it, you could up your dosage to 2 glasses of water before every meal or a bottle of water before every meal. You will not believe the results really, the process can reduce your food consumption by up to 60%. This will in turn help you with your workout or food cleanse (Whatever your reason for wanting to reduce your food consumption).

Method 2: Eat in bits

This especially works when you are either always busy or always around food. In the case where you are always busy, you might feel the need to over eat at the next opportunity you get because you keep telling yourself it’s the last you might get for a while. And in the case where you are always around food you do not want to be eating 10 square meals a day.

So how do you solve this? Eat in little bits all through out the day. Grab an energy bar or a tiny snack every 3-4 hours. Generally, this will lower your need to overfeed at every opportunity you get. Be careful what snacks you choose to proceed with though as you want to stay away from extremely sugary substances or soda (It is too unhealthy for continuous consumption).

Please note this tutorial should not be used to abuse or starve yourself it was intended to help you eat less food and not eat no food at all, you can not survive on water alone. You need nutrients, proteins, carbs… the works. Only make use of this information to take down your food intake for reasonable reason. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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