A Quick List Of The Best Football Manager Games

Have you been looking for a definitive list of football manager games that are better than pretty good? Addictive and super time consuming games that will have you skipping days on your calendar? That’s good, because we have a list for you.

Please note that this list is not compiled in any definite order to imply “best” or any other hierarchy. Here is our list of the best football manager games that you can start playing on your phone right now:

1. Football Manager & Football Manager Handheld

Crafted by Sega this one has been the most popular of the lot for a very long time. You can buy/preorder it for your PC at footballmanager.com and you can easily find the android and iOS apps in the various app stores.

2. Top eleven

Crafted by Nordeus this one is a step up with addictive. The games are usually scheduled for specific times during the day and you can watch and manage tactics live which means you need a data connection to play this. In many cases you have to buy coins to be super successful at this but generally the game is intended to be free. The game gets more difficult as you level up and you mostly face real live opponents as well, tactics are very realistic and you have to manage the business side of things as well. You have to connect your Facebook account to save progress and what not. Get started right now on topeleven.com you will also find links to the apps on various AppStores on that page.

3. Soccer Manager

Soccermanager.com has been around for a very long time, but the game play has been the same idea over the years. You can not watch or see games played live. You simply set up tactics for your games before hand and comeback to check your scores 1-2 hours after they are scheduled to be played. In this case you are playing against other managers as well and getting great team that still have all their star players can be quite difficult. If you want unriddled access to your own league you can simply purchase a game world or get gold membership. Visit soccermanager.com and have a look around.

This is our list of the best football manager games you will find anywhere around… Do you think we missed out on a great game? Help us by leaving a comment and we will check it out.

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