How To Make Your Dog Love You

Mans best friend to most and a vicious enemy to many, dogs either make you happy or they make you really scared. In many cases the fear of dogs is largely self inflicted from having a poor knowledge of handling pets or being either too aggressive or too playful. We want to help you learn how to make your dog love you and if you don’t believe in love we can at least help your dog like you.

It’s not rocket science but there is no on and off switch to a happy go lucky dog, upbringing counts and this is why it is important to catch them young. If you are looking to get a new canine pet it is very advisable to go for a puppy, as young as possible too so you can both learn to love each other as you both grow. A puppy will have all the time to learn your habits and vice-versa. When you do get a puppy here are some basic things that WILL help you have a better connection with your new pet.

  • Do not crate it outside the house for at least 2 months: It’s okay to have a special area set aside for your puppy, in fact it is pertinent but you should already have a cage outside of the living space for a pet at such a young age. You want it to hang around the house and hang around you. Learn where not to pee and where not to poo. ETC.
  • Watch your dog eat: It’s not enough to simply give food to the dog and walk away. Especially if it is a puppy (which you will need to feed in little bits through out the day) you want to sit next to it and watch it plough through that bowl of milk. You want to stroke the back of the neck gently (very gently) while its at it and you want to give it treats every time it does something right.
  • Discipline not abuse: When dogs are young they tend to make a lot of mistakes owing to the lack of proper training. Which means it is going to poop on your favorite snickers if you leave them laying there where it can reach. It will attack your beats by dre in to in chords viciously like they were plotting against you. That’s what puppies do, so you shouldn’t kick your puppy in the ribs because you are upset or punch it in the head. It’s like hurting a baby, why would you want to hurt a baby.
  • Puppy proof your house: for the duration of time the puppy will be getting accustomed to the house you want to remove tiny objects that it may swallow and harm itself. Also tiny valuable objects you really do not want destroyed… like your iPhone charger and your earphones and… you get the idea. Place them on high shelves where it can not reach.
  • No discipline at all is bad: yes it is wrong to abuse your dog or puppy but it is even worse when your dog has no discipline at all. My favorite way of letting a puppy know it has done something wrong is putting it on a leash and leaving it alone for a while. This method of discipline is mild at first but it would catch on over time. You could also get a spray bottle and fill it with water, spray on it’s face once or twice when it is out of line. It helps… as they grow older you can begin more radical methods of discipline but not too radical.
  • Do not starve your dog or feed it bones: I will never understand why many think it is okay to starve dogs or feed them left over bones. How would you feel if your room mate ate all the food and offered you the bones from the chicken every single time. It is not a garbage disposal, it is an entity that needs to be fed. Do not buy or own a dog if you can not feed it well at least twice a day.

This is just an initial look into how to properly care for your dog and how to make your dog love you. Let’s face it a properly catered for pet will properly love it’s owner.

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