How To Wipe Your Mirror Clean Using White Talcum Powder

A completely clean mirror is quite hard to find. Many owners and house cleaners have simply resigned to doing their best with a piece of clothing and some cleansing liquid (usually soapy water). This unfortunately does not get the job done no matter how you do it so we decided to teach you how to wipe your mirror clean. For real this time. No residue, no dust, no streaks,no nothing.

We all agree nothing can be more annoying than a cloudy mirror (If we didn’t you would not be reading this eh?). We often find it hard to clean mirrors without leaving them streak-ridden. Even spray cleaners may sometimes leave residues that make our mirrors look dirty.

There’s an incredibly awesome method which I’m about expose to you: How to wipe mirrors clean using white talcum powder! Follow our┬ástep by step tutorial below and a sparkling clean mirror would be the end result!

Step 1: Sprinkle white talcum powder evenly around the mirror especially on the very dirty parts.

Step 2: Use a soft, clean, dry fabric to wipe the surface of the mirror, making sure every area is touched. Be careful not to press so hard.

Step 3: Blow off the excess powder and wipe again.

Step 4: Begin to enjoy your mirror and marvel at the awesomeness of this method!

It actually is that simple. You can have your mirror going from 0 to 100 in mere minutes. Try it and see for yourself. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.


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