The Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat

Understand that this tutorial is not a joke, you can actually burn that annoying flab on your tummy that nobody likes and you can do it fast. If you follow this tutorial judiciously you will be seeing results in 30 days which should spur you on to work even harder.

Belly fat is the absolute most annoying kind of fat you could have, especially because it is the hardest to get rid of. Unlike other part of your body, there is no specific exercise you can use to continuously to target just your belly fat. I know you are thinking sit ups, but you better believe sit-ups will not help your pot bellied situation, in fact sit-ups may end up making the general situation worse for you by tightening the walls around your fat belly and making it a lot harder to get rid of the belly fat.

So what do you do when you are in this uncomfortable place? How do you burn most if not all of your belly fat and burn it fast? Let’s talk about the best practices and how to make them work for you:


  1. Cardio


The foundation to every weight loss plan is a very good cardio regimen, you need to go outside and jog, run if you can. The Idea here is simple, since your belly fat is a part of your body you have to lose weight around your body generally to burn any of the fat down there. So, maybe you can start simple, jog for 20 minutes on your first day slowing to a walk when you are absolutely fatigued and picking up the pace after about a minute. Next day try to increase the intensity and more importantly the amount of time you jog for. Take it up to 30-45 minutes over the next week and make sure you do not miss any mornings. Consistency is the key here.


You might not be able to jog or run outside, maybe people get shanked in your neighborhood when they are seen running or you are just too embarrassed to do this in public. That is completely fine, your options for cardio are not limited to just running or jogging and NO a treadmill is not the solution to your problems. Get a indoor cycling set, preferably one that lets you work your upper body alongside the lower parts of your body. If you are using this as a complete substitute for jogging or running however it is advisable to work for about an hour on the bike daily. Set a timer and keep a steady speed, you do not need to ride super fast, just take easy from the beginning and pick up the pace gradually but not too fast. Stay at a reasonable speed you can maintain for a long time and just ride. Keep riding for your designated amount of time, you will be sweating a lot if you are doing this right so you might want to have a small face towel around your neck or wear a head band. Cycling is best used in conjunction with jogging but it can also serve as an alternative. If you are really serious about burning that belly fat though a good suggestion would be to jog for 30 minutes in the morning and jump on the bike for about an hour later on in the evening.

  1. Squats

This is a very minor part of your workout regimen, save it for when you are done cycling or running. Just before you take a sit after your cardio randomly do 50 squats, it goes a ver long way and it definitely will help you burn fat. It’s not difficult at all. Just do it.

  1. Healthy Eating

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. It’s kind of true the older you get, most people will look at some younger people who eat absolutely anything they like and do not work out but somehow still have a great body. Unfortunately we were not all built the same and the next person’s rate of metabolism will not be the exact same thing with yours. You need to stop eating absolutely everything you can grab. In many cases you over eat is you are in this situation in the first place so we need to curb your over eating problem. You can read our post on How to Eat Less for a guaranteed technique to reduce your food consumption. You need to stop taking so much soda, make a pact with yourself to help yourself; you are all you have got. Cut out excessive sugar from your diet. That means no Soda, no cake, no ice cream, no chocolate none of that. Eat proper food that has fewer calories. You do not need more than 2000 KCAL to function properly so far as you are not a body builder and you will get this from 3 healthy meals daily. No more!

You should also consider not eating past 7pm in the evening, all of the food you eat after this time will not really digest properly and you will end up just making things worse for yourself. You are trying to burn belly fat not gain it.

  1. Sit-Ups & Bicycle Crunches

Sit-ups done the right way are very good for you, but excessively using this in the hopes of getting rid of your belly fat will not do you much good. The Idea of sit-ups is to basically tighten the walls around your abs, considering you currently have no abs you will need to take a different approach to sit ups for your flabs. Simply find the strength to do a quick 50 sit ups once you are done with your cardio, could be after a jog or a session on the bike. Do not attempt to do way more because you feel it’s targeting the core muscles of your belly. You would be very wrong. As time goes on during your exercise regimen and you start to notice serious reduction in belly fat and how far your belly pokes out of your shirt you could up your quota of sit ups to about 80 or 100. And you can split it up into 2 sets if you simply do not have the endurance.


Bicycle crunches are more suited to your needs. They target all the right muscles, only problem is that except you are Arnold Schwarzenegger at 21 you cannot do so many of these. So just like you do with your squats, you should consider lying on your back for a few minutes after your cardio and throwing in 20-30 crunches per set. You can go as many sets as the spirit leads you… and by spirit I mean your endurance level.

  1. Planking

Most people do not even know how useful this can be to the muscles around the belly. If you can plank and hold for 2 minutes you have done not just yourself but the world a great favor. Plank for at least 1 minute 30 seconds per set and plank as many times as you possibly can. On a average I would say do this for 5 sets after you are done with cardio.

It will amaze you how much belly fat you can burn in 30 days of serious work with these techniques, you do not have to buy any drugs or spend money on expensive treatments or nothing. Just you, your running shoes and your will power! That is all.

Resting appropriately is also a very important part of these exercise regimen, you want to take a breather after working out 7 days straight because your muscles hurt. That is very advisable, as it will give your body time to adjust to your new found dedication. We are not saying exercise for 2 days and go on break for the next 14, NO. Just once in a while allow yourself a day to recuperate. Eat healthy, run, exercise and you will burn all that belly fat!

Keep in mind this is a method that has been tried and certified by one of our editors, it is the fastest way to lose belly fat. We would not suggest it otherwise. Subscribe to our mailing list below for regular updates delivered to your email daily! Follow us on twitter and like our Facebook page if you have a minute. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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