Everything You Need To Open A Bank Account In Nigeria

The banking landscape in Nigeria has changed a lot in the last decade, a lot of banks have been dissolved, a lot more have merged and some banks have gotten really huge. In any case, opening a starter account of any kind in most banks requires about the same information and documents. The practices and requirements as well as everything you need to open a bank account in Nigeria is pretty much the same in all the banks we now have. So we decided to save you double trips and repeated “merigoranding” to help you get in the bank and get your account setup in no time.

Quite simply put you will not need more than the below listed items to get your account all set up:

  1. Identification : Can be I.D cards or an international passport. Maybe even a drivers license.
  2. Passport Photograph: You should not need more than 1 of these but have an extra handy just in case.
  3. Proof Of Address: The most commonly accepted is a PHCN bill (NEPA BILL).
  4. A referee: In case you are looking to open a dollar account or a company account.

Identification is pretty basic yes? You have to have some form of identification for the bank to copy and keep for their own documentation purposes. I.D cards, international passports as well as drivers license will suffice.

A passport photograph will need to be scanned on to your account information as well as kept in your folder with the bank so you have to provide 1.

Proof of address is basically just a way to tell where you and confirm that you really do reside at the address provided. PHCN bills are the best solution for this as they are the closest thing you have to bills in mails addressed to your residence.

You will need one or 2 referees if you intend to open a company account or a dollar account. You do not have to bother with this however if you only intend on opening a basic savings account or a current account.

With the above listed things you are all set to open your new bank account. Head over to any branch of your preferred bank and get on with it.

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