How To Dance Shoki + Video Tutorial

There is a recent dance craze that has been tearing up the club scene across Nigeria and Africa at large, in fact Africans in diaspora are not left behind for a moment. The dance has gone so far now that every artiste making a song now will ask the producer to make the instrumental Shoki ready.

This is a definitive step by step guide to dancing Shoki, if you are looking to learn how to dance shoki then you have come to the right place. We have made a short YouTube video showing how the dance is actually done. We chose a slow song to do this tutorial with as it will better help your aptitude of the shoki dance step, you can simply skip the text and go watch the video below the post.

How to dance shoki

Step 1: If you are a completely clueless beginner you need to take a moment and free your mind, do not be caught over thinking the move, as you can see in our YouTube video below, our expert took a moment to shake into the move and he definitely took some creative freedom. As to every learning process you need to keep an open mind. Let’s proceed…

Step 2: The shoulder movement is the most important thing. Pay attention to the very first thing he did right before going down to lift his imaginary shoki object in the video, you are trying to lift something that apparently does not require your hands to be at the same length and you have to wobble back and forth while doing it. You can see the shoulder movement in full tilt as he turns around going up and down with the back of his hand on his face. Take a minute to practice this part of the dance, get it out of the way and the rest will come naturally.

Step 3: You need to let your legs know the almighty shoki is coming, you can do the shoki by simply facing forward but that will not be ideal (Only platinum level dancers knock this off the top). You want to get on your side stance, whichever of your legs you are most comfortable putting forward should be in front and the other at the back a 65 degree angle (You should not be standing completely sideways). Now that you have the posture figured out, throw in the shoulder movement from step two and go down to lift your imaginary object. Rinse and continue to repeat.

Platinum Level: Most professional/ very good dancers generally take a lot of creative freedom. with these kind of things, as you can see in the short video clip we made for you, our expert suddenly goes down as if  he was sitting in the air and puts his right back hand on his right eye as if to connote “ela oju kan”.  We don’t entirely know why this is cool but everyone else seems to think it is. Mix it up a bit, get creative and don’t hold yourself back. Most importantly do the shoki with a smile or do it with a facial expression that will absolutely worry everyone around you. When you let the spirit of the shoki come down on you these little things will come naturally.

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