How To Create A Twitter List

Need a quick tutorial on creating twitter lists? It’s quite easy just follow these instructions and you can have you lists created in under a minute.

Quite simple and straight forward really. All you have to do is sign in to your twitter and visit the “lists” tab. That should be under “Me” if you are using an iPad/tablet or under the menu list if you are using a mobile phone and it should be under the list of items that come with the settings button on twitter for web. Once you are here, simply click “create new list” or the + button if you are on mobile or tab. From here you can choose whether you want your list to be private or public. In many cases private lists are more suited for personal use.

So in a step by step manner for twitter for web users:

  • Visit twitter and sign in
  • Click the Profile & Settings Button. (Top right corner before tweet button and after search button. as in the image above)
  • Click on lists and then click create new list

After this you can give your list a name and set it to either public or private. Public lists are lists that you create and anyone absolutely anyone can subscribe to while private lists are lists that are only available to you.

Also remember, a list is only as useful as the members you add to it. You could create lists for the purpose of having separate timelines for following important updates from specific accounts if you follow too many people or you could create lists just to separate you feeds into categories for proper archiving.

This is how to create a twitter list, hope this tutorial was helpful. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.


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