The Quick Way To Gain Weight Without Getting Fat

Usually most people are trying to do the opposite of this, but there are still a number of people who are trying to add some weight without necessarily piling on their body fat residue.

Want to learn the quick way to gain weight without getting fat? We can help you with the following steps:

1. Eat late at night

It is quite true food you eat past bed time does not really get a chance to digest properly hence it just adds up in part to your body weight bucket. Don’t be scared to grab a burger at midnight or be a couch potato with lots of food.

2. Eat often and eat a lot

As much as you eat however you may want to stay away from the fatty foods, the goal here is to increase your protein and carb intakes not clog your heart and get unhealthy. Make sure to find time to eat properly and eat well.

3. Build muscle mass

This is especially important if you want to add weight without getting fat, you have to workout in other to convert all that food into muscle weight rather than flabs or fat. It is very advisable to hit the gym regularly and push some weight. Cardio is not entirely necessary for weight gain.

4. Be Lazy

You want to burn the littlest amount of calories while trying to gain weight, don’t run or jog, don’t stress yourself out or work hard. Just grab the remote all the time and watch some TV while you eat. Be as immobile as possible.

These steps will generally help you gain weight pretty quickly but it is not advisable to live like this permanently for obvious reasons.

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