The Quick Way To Download Songs To Your iPhone From The Internet

This particular issue has been a plague of sorts, you see people lament on how they can not see a song online and download it real quick to their phones because it is forever tethered to iTunes.

There is a workaround for this problem now, although the songs will not be automatically added to your music library, they will be present on your phone and you can listen to them and even share them with your friends at no extra data costs. You can then decide to move them to your iTunes library when next you are at your computer.

The phrase “There is an app for that” applies here and the app is called idownloader or idownloader pro in the case where you are interested in a little more functionality.

idownloader pro costs $1.99 while the simple idownloader is completely free. The difference between these two softwares is that the free version is limited to a specific amount of downloads before it is completely unusable. The pro version however lets you download as much files as you need to at speeds as high as your data connection can go. With features like Dropbox syncing, pass code lock options, wifi transfer and player customization, the idownloader pro is really the best kick for the buck.

All you have to do is use the browser that comes with idownloader to browse to the page containing the audio or video files you intend to download and you are good. A simple long press on the destination file will reveal options to save the file to your device. All files will be listed in any other chosen by you in your library and you can access them at anytime.

To move your content unto your iTunes library later, all you have to do is connect your device to your iTunes via cable or wifi, navigate to your applications and scroll to the bottom of the applications page. Here you will find the idownloader app listed among applications that can exchange files directly with your computer. From here you can then copy or move all files around as you please.

If you are looking to download the free version of the idownloader app find it here.

And if you feel the paid version is the best suite for you, find that here too.

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